In an increasingly competitive and dynamic economic context, the organization, processes and human resources must be calibrated and aligned with the company’s performance objectives. Tema supports institutions and companies in the development of their organization to face the challenges of the future.

Our Services:

  • Business Strategies
  • Organization and Processes
  • Efficiency and productivity improvement projects
  • Development of rewarding systems for staff and sales network
  • Innovation and change management
  • Systems and technologies for mobility
  • Staff assessment

Organization setup
& strategies

Economic analyses

The perfect knowledge of the industrial and operational dynamics at the base of the transport companies allows Tema to be able to support customers in the analysis and monitoring of their processes and identify opportunities to improve their business performance.

Our services:

  • Economic analyses
  • Industrial plans
  • Decision support systems
  • Monitoring of industrial processes

Research shows that today customers consider quality to be a minimum and essential requirement and their willingness to accept errors, delays, malfunctions and behaviour that are not in line with their expectations has been drastically reduced. Today, even TPL customers have broader and more articulated expectations than in the past and the focus on the customer becomes an indispensable element to stimulate the use of TPL.

Our services are:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring and investigation
  • Quality certifications

and quality monitoring


Rethinking mobility in a more sustainable perspective will allow Public Administration at any level, to achieve the goal of improving the use of resources and reduce pollution, maximizing social, environmental and economic benefits. Tema supports Institutions in the design of sustainable mobility systems and their integration into the mobility system.

For companies, sustainability represents the opportunity to build and maintain long-term competitiveness, anticipating and managing the relationship with stakeholders and improving risk management. The implementation of an integrated sustainability reporting system is not only a way to report its results externally, but also allows management to have an information base to support its strategic decisions.

Our services are:

  • Sustainable mobility
  • Urban design and redevelopment
  • Green logistic
  • Sustainability reports and management systems

The main critical issues for those moving both with their own means and by public transport are linked to the availability of alternatives to move, to the bad efficiency of the transport system and to the management of the territory at urban level. In this context, TeMA supports Institutions and Companies in improving of their mobility systems in the territory

Our services are:

  • Public transport planning
  • Sector plans
  • Traffic studies and road impact assessments
  • Traffic monitoring and detection
  • Logistics
  • Feasibility studies

Transport Planning