For TeMA it is important to provide customers with services and products that meet their needs in compliance with morality, professional ethics, legislation and technical and regulatory standards, using methods and tools that tend to achieve the best compromise between efficiency and effectiveness of performance.

The distinctive objectives of our way of operating are:
• social utility, to which we aim by trying to provide services that contribute to improving the performance of the public and private supply system of services and infrastructures;
• customer satisfaction, within the limits of our sharing of the objectives that he intends to achieve with the support of our professional services;
• “happiness of doing well” of those who work in and with our company.



Our company aims at the continuous improvement of services and products.

Operating under a quality system, in accordance with the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, is considered by us to be a tool that can help us achieve this goal. The implementation and improvement of the Quality Management System therefore constitutes our commitment.

The management is committed to ensuring that the business activities meet the following general requirements: always provide services that fully satisfy the expressed or implicit needs of the customer, raise the awareness of internal resources, through training, to the achievement of increasing quality standards; endeavor to ensure that the customer maintains a relationship of trust with TeMA. The image of the company must reflect the characteristics of efficiency, seriousness and dynamism through the products and services provided;

expect the highest level of quality in one’s work, proposing improvements and committing to carry it out in order to avoid complaints by setting adequate indicators and periodically checking the achievement of objectives;

involve internal staff so that everyone recognizes the importance of their role;

continuously improve internal efficiency through the systematic standardization of activities, professional growth, personal motivation and ensure control of its management system to verify that it is implemented effectively and that it is suitable for achieving the objectives.

The representation of the system has been delegated to the Quality Management Manager.

He has the responsibility and authority to:
• ensure that the processes of the Quality Management System are designed, built, implemented, monitored and considered current;
• report to the Management on the performance of the Quality Management System and on suggestions for improvement;
• ensure that the customer’s requirements are known and understood within the organization.
• He is accountable to the Management for the achievement of the following objectives:
• ensure compliance with operating procedures for carrying out activities in a controlled form;
• improve the understanding and communication of the quality policy and ensure its implementation in the Quality Management System;
• maintain the quality certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 scheme.

Quality management is periodically reviewed so that it is always up-to-date and in keeping with the objectives of our company.
All personnel can contribute to its improvement through suggestions and observations on the activities of competence.

Quality manager